The Maaza story

Mangos originated in Southeast Asia and India, where references to the fruit are documented in Hindu writings dating back to 4000 B.C. The mango belongs to the same family as the cashew and pistachio nut. This fruit occupied an important place in horticulture during the rule of the Mogul emperors in India, and Akbar the Great (1556-1605) planted an orchard of 100,000 mango trees.


Human being is a reflection of his environment, is a phrase that has been used by scientists since the dawn of history. The same saying can be applied to MAAZA too. Mango has been called the king of fruits, and India is considered as one of the largest producers of this delicious fruit in commercial quantities. With the availability of this fruit in huge quantities, forms, types and sizes that can reach up to 1000 species it was natural for people, scientists and innovators to capitalize on this fact and to develop different ways of using Mangos from enjoying it as a table fruit, pickles, jams, dry fruits, in cooking and of course as juice and juice drinks.


Leading specialists chose the finest types of fruit in terms of quality, taste, flavor and texture to develop and create “Maaza” and then with the evolution of the product and its fame came the addition of a number of other flavors with the same quality.


Maaza, A Household Name in the UAE originated in India in the early seventies, has come a long way in terms of quality and brand image to become the star performer across the region and beyond.


Maaza means Mango is a phrase coined, since the backbone of Maaza brand is our highest quality Mango Drink. Maaza Mango is a fruit juice based drink which contains an ideal combination of the famous Alphonso, Totapuri or other comparable varieties of Mango pulps, depending on regional preferences. The drink is formulated taking into consideration of various quality aspects to give a unique taste unparalleled by any other brand currently in the market.


The main ingredients for Maaza bottling are Natural Fruit Pulp, Treated Water, Flavorings, Vitamin C along with other food additives to balance the sweetness, taste, stability and mouth feel of the drink.


Today Maaza has become world’s favourite mango drink brand and has won the hearts of millions of consumers for its quality and taste.


Maaza International is based in Dubai, owns and manages MAAZA Brand and its Franchise operation, in various territories.

Maaza Brand

The brand Maaza was launched over forty years ago and became a global household name known for its quality and great taste. Maaza International Co. L.L.C was established in 1995 in Dubai – UAE and acquired the ownership rights to the Maaza brand of beverages throughout most of the world with a territory that expands over various countries.


Our production facility, which supply MAAZA CONCENTRATE TO BOTTLERS is situated in Dubai, managed and supervised by qualified technical people in respective areas. Utmost hygienic conditions are maintained and followed throughout the production facilities.


Product supply is followed by efficient technical support for Production, Quality Control and Marketing. We do also give guidance and advice to our franchisees in Project Planning and implementation in areas like site selection, building construction, lay out, machinery sourcing and installation.


Technical assistance and periodic quality inspection by the technical representatives of the company are conducted regularly at the bottler’s factory to ensure that high quality and consistency of the drinks are maintained, wherever the Maaza drink is manufactured.

Maaza International Company

Company Mission: To develop and increase the value of the Maaza brand throughout our territory.
Vision Statement: To maintain our status as the leading Mango flavor company in the world by continuing to provide our customers the latest technological advice, best available flavors and newest innovations and ideas related to our core business.