The Maaza story

It’s truly fascinating to learn about Maaza’s journey and the values that have driven its success since 1974. The commitment to uncompromising quality standards, teamwork, consistency, integrity, and dedication is evident in the brand’s standing as a household name.


The diverse portfolio of beverage flavors and ingredients that Maaza offers, tailored to meet various product, label, and claim requirements, showcases the brand’s adaptability and customer approach. The emphasis on utilizing technology and a global network for product development reflects a forward-thinking strategy.


The vision towards flavor, drawing inspiration from nature, highlights a commitment to taste and better lifestyles. It’s commendable that Maaza sees flavor as more than just a sensory experience; it also contributes to cultural and social progress.


The collaboration between the R&D team and clients throughout the product development process underlines a customer-focused approach. Ensuring that flavors align with the target audience’s preferences is a strategic move that optimizes product performance and ensures market fit.


Moreover, Maaza’s awareness of global and regional trends and its ability to adapt them to suit local tastes is a testament to its market intelligence and responsiveness. This adaptability positions Maaza as a brand that keeps up with current flavor trends and anticipates and addresses long-term preferences.


Maaza’s story is a delightful blend of innovation, quality, and a commitment to serving the food industry and consumers worldwide. Maaza is not just a brand but an integral part of people’s lives, providing enjoyable and culturally relevant taste experiences.

Maaza International Company

Company Mission: To develop and increase the value of the Maaza brand throughout our territory.

Vision Statement: To maintain our status as the leading Mango flavor company in the world by continuing to provide our customers with the latest technological advice, the best available flavors, and the newest innovations and ideas related to our core business.